jeudi 16 décembre 2021

 A bad moment, no more I draw these little things to keep my hands moving and to occupy my head.

mercredi 16 juin 2021

Bleu, jaune....

 Pour ces pages je m'étais fixé un thème: bleu, jaune et partir...

for these pages I have set a theme: blue, yellow and leaving....

vendredi 14 mai 2021


 Hello, here is a video of how I work in my altered book. 

It is the preparation of a page, this page will be re-worked after and I'll post the final result here and on facebook.

I use internet images, but it is only for my personal use. This sketchbook will not be exposed or proposed for selling... This is just my play time, and I have a great admiration for the artists who make these images- paints, drawings etc.... I want their work to have a place in mine.

The music is one of my favourite, the "Rondo Capricioso" of Camille Saint-Saëns, interpreted by the so great Itzhak Perlman. I listen to it since I am 9 years old.

It is the very very first time I make a video, and I'm not very comfortable in English as you will hear.....!!!!